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HSJ is a unique approach that combines the ancient wisdom of shamanic practices of journeying and breathwork with the modern techniques of hypnosis and holistic counseling. By blending these powerful modalities, we offer a holistic framework for personal transformation and therapeutic exploration.

Whether you’re aspiring to become a Certified HSJ Practitioner or seeking to enhance your skills in a related helping field, our online training courses offer a unique opportunity for personal and professional growth. Unlock the transformative power of HSJ and step into a realm where you can make a profound difference in the lives of others. Are you ready to embrace it?

Why Does HSJ Work?

HSJ (HypnoShamanic Journeying) is a transformative practice that combines hypnosis, shamanic breathing, journeying, and holistic integration counseling.

Incorporating HSJ into Your Existing Therapeutic Practice

Are you a therapist looking to expand your toolkit and offer your clients a unique and powerful approach to healing and personal growth?

Foundational Course

At HSJ, we offer Foundational training courses, tailored for online learning, to help you become a Certified HSJ Practitioner.

Experience and use the transformative elements of HSJ

Breathe. Journey. Heal.

Breathwork Breakthroughs

Breathwork plays a crucial role in HypnoShamanic Journeying (HSJ) and is an integral component of the practice. It serves as a powerful tool to facilitate deep relaxation, induce altered states of consciousness, and enhance the transformative potential of the HSJ experience.

Modern Hypnosis meets Shamanic Wisdom

The integration of hypnosis and journeying forms a powerful synergy within the framework of HypnoShamanic Journeying (HSJ). Combining these two transformative practices expands the depth and scope of the HSJ experience, offering a unique and profound approach to healing, self-discovery, and personal growth.

Holistic Counselling and Integration

Holistic counseling plays a vital role in the integration and application of learnings derived from HypnoShamanic Journeying (HSJ). As individuals engage in the transformative HSJ process, holistic counseling provides a supportive framework for integrating the insights, experiences, and shifts that arise during the journeying sessions.

Reviews from Students and Clients

“Each session left me feeling lighter, more grounded, and empowered. I noticed significant improvements in my mental and emotional well-being, and even physical aspects of my health seemed to improve. The therapy helped me gain a fresh perspective on life, allowing me to make positive changes and decisions that aligned with my true self..”

— Rob, Client

“The course’s emphasis on personal empowerment perfectly aligned with my values as a therapist. It encouraged my clients to take an active role in their healing journey, fostering a sense of self-empowerment and autonomy. This newfound empowerment has not only accelerated their progress but has also instilled a sense of resilience that extends beyond our therapy sessions.”

— Michelle, Student

Reasonable and Flexible pricing

Foundational Course



Our Foundational Training course is ideal for individuals who are aspiring to become a Certified HSJ Practitioner or seeking to enhance your skills in a related helping field. Throughout the online course, you will learn the fundamentals of hypnosis, shamanic breathing, journeying, and holistic integration. At completion you will be awarded HSJ Certification.

Includes comprehensive modules, resources, and materials for a well-rounded learning experience.

Provides access to online learning platform and community for ongoing support and engagement.

Enjoy bonus materials, guided meditations, or additional resources provided as part of the course.

Enhance your learning experience with supplementary content and tools.

Satisfaction Guarantee: 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Ready To Get Started On Your Journey?

Are you ready to embrace your calling and take a leap into a life of purpose, meaning, and transformation? Don’t miss this chance to become a Certified HSJ Practitioner and unlock a world of endless possibilities. Embark on the journey today to a fulfilling career where you can make a difference!