HypnoShamanic Journeying (HSJ) – Foundations of HSJ

Course Outline

I. Introduction to HypnoShamanic Journeying (HSJ)

A. Explanation of HSJ and its principles

B. Understanding the synergistic power of shamanic breathing, journeying, and healing with hypnojourneying

C. Benefits and potential applications of HSJ

D. Myths and Misconceptions about Hypnosis, Shamanic Breathing and Shamanic Journeying

II. Foundations of Shamanic Breathing

A. Introduction to shamanic breathing techniques

B. Breathwork and its role in accessing altered states of consciousness

C. Practicing different breathing exercises for relaxation and energy flow

D. Integration of breathwork into HSJ sessions

E. Potential Contraindications for Breathwork in HSJ

F. Safety Considerations when using Breathwork in HSJ

III. Exploring Shamanic Journeying

A. Understanding the concept of shamanic journeying

B. Techniques for entering a shamanic journey state

C. Meeting and working with spirit guides and power animals

D. Navigating the shamanic realms and obtaining guidance

E. Incorporating shamanic journeying into HSJ sessions

IV. Shamanic Energy Healing

A. Introduction to Shamanic Energy Healing

B. Foundations of Shamanic Energy Healing

C. Working with Shamanic Healing Modalities

D. Advanced Techniques in Shamanic Energy Healing

V. Introduction to Hypnosis

A. Overview of hypnosis and its therapeutic applications

B. Understanding the conscious and subconscious mind

C. Induction techniques and deepening the hypnotic state

D. Hypnotic suggestions and their role in therapeutic transformation

VI. Integrating Hypnosis and Shamanic Practices in HSJ

A. Exploring the commonalities between hypnosis and shamanic practices

B. Combining hypnotic techniques with shamanic rituals

C. Guided imagery and visualization in HSJ sessions

D. Facilitating healing and transformation through HSJ

VII. Practicing HSJ Techniques

A. Experiential exercises for combining shamanic breathing, journeying, and hypnosis

B. Developing proficiency in creating HSJ scripts

C. Client-centered approach in HSJ sessions

D. Grounding and Integration Techniques

E. Case studies and role-playing exercises for applying HSJ techniques

VIII. Integration and Counselling

A. Introduction to Integration in HSJ

B. The Role of Counseling in HSJ

C. Prescreening and Initial Consult and Induction

D. Supporting Emotional Integration

E. Integrating Insights and Spiritual Experiences

F. Addressing Resistance and Blocks to Integration

G. Developing a Personal Integration Plan

H. Putting It All Together – Planning an Effective HSJ Session

IX. HSJ Practitioner Personal Shamanic Practice

A. Introduction

B. Creating an Altar

C. Daily Breathwork and Meditation

D. Gratitude Practice

E. Importance of Intuition for the HSJ Practitioner

F. Intention Setting for HSJ Sessions

G. Integration and Reflection

H. Conclusion

X. HSJ group work and group ceremonies

A. Introduction to HSJ Group Work and Group Ceremonies

B. Facilitating HSJ Group Sessions

C. Designing HSJ Group Ceremonies

D. Leading HSJ Group Breathwork and Visualization Practices

E. Group Integration and Sharing Circles

F. Addressing Challenges and Managing Group Dynamics

G. Case Studies and Practical Application

XI. Ethics, Boundaries, and Self-Care in HSJ

A. Establishing ethical guidelines for HSJ practitioners

B. Maintaining professional boundaries in client interactions

C. Self-care practices for HSJ practitioners to prevent burnout

D. Recognizing and addressing potential challenges in HSJ sessions

XII. Online/Virtual Delivery of HSJ

A. Introduction to Online Delivery of HSJ

B. Preparing for Online HSJ

C. Adapting HSJ Techniques for Online Sessions

D. Establishing Session Guidelines and Expectations

E. Creating a Supportive Virtual Space

F. Effective Communication and Engagement in Online Sessions

G. Managing Online Session Logistics and Timing

H. Ensuring Client Safety and Well-being in Online Sessions

I. Evaluating and Improving Online Delivery

XIII. Integration and Certification

A. Review and integration of the foundational training material

B. Assessment and evaluation of participant proficiency in HSJ techniques

C. Certification process for HSJ practitioners

D. Continuing education and professional development opportunities in HSJ