HypnoShamanic Journeying (HSJ) – Advanced HSJ Techniques

Course Outline

I. Review of Foundational Concepts in HypnoShamanic Journeying (HSJ)

A. Recap of the principles and techniques covered in the foundational training

B. Reflecting on experiences and challenges encountered in applying HSJ

C. Deepening understanding of the synergistic power of shamanic breathing, journeying, and healing with hypnojourneying

II. Advanced Shamanic Breathwork Techniques

A. Exploring advanced breathing exercises for specific therapeutic purposes

B. Incorporating rhythmic drumming and music in shamanic breathwork

C. Fine-tuning breathwork techniques for enhanced energetic alignment and healing

D. Expanding the integration of breathwork in HSJ sessions

III. Shamanic Journeying and Soul Retrieval

A. Advanced techniques for deepening shamanic journey experiences

B. Soul retrieval as a powerful healing modality in HSJ

C. Identifying and addressing core wounds through soul retrieval

D. Integration of soul retrieval practices into HSJ sessions

IV. Advanced Hypnojourneying Techniques

A. Advanced induction methods and deepening techniques for profound trance states

B. Utilizing ideomotor responses and subconscious communication in HSJ

C. Regression journeying and exploring past lives for therapeutic purposes

D. Integrating metaphors and symbolism in hypnojourneying within HSJ sessions

V. Multidimensional Healing and Energy Work

A. Understanding the energetic body and its influence on healing

B. Advanced techniques for clearing and balancing energetic blockages

C. Incorporating chakra healing and aura cleansing in HSJ sessions

D. Exploring multidimensional aspects of healing in HSJ

VI. Trauma Healing and Shadow Work in HSJ

A. Advanced approaches for working with trauma in HSJ sessions

B. Deepening understanding of the subconscious mind and trauma processing

C. Shadow work techniques for uncovering and integrating repressed aspects

D. Navigating resistance and managing emotional intensity in trauma healing within HSJ

VII. Ethical Considerations and Professional Advancement

A. Addressing complex ethical dilemmas and boundaries in advanced HSJ

B. Continuing education and staying updated with new developments in HSJ

C. Collaborating with other practitioners and integrating complementary modalities

D. Building a professional practice and expanding HSJ offerings

VIII. Mastery and Integration

A. Integrating the advanced techniques into a cohesive HSJ framework

B. Practicing advanced HSJ sessions and case studies

C. Reflecting on personal growth and transformation as an HSJ practitioner

D. Sharing experiences and insights with fellow advanced practitioners

IX. Certification and Continuing Education

A. Evaluation and assessment of advanced HSJ proficiency

B. Certification process for advanced HSJ practitioners

C. Opportunities for ongoing professional development and specialization in HSJ

D. Engaging in research and contributing to the advancement of HSJ as a field